Show Hope

The mission of Show Hope is to care for orphans by engaging the Church and reducing barriers to adoption. Their work is dedicated to restoring hope to millions of children living as orphans by breaking down barriers between waiting children and loving families. Show Hope provides a holistic approach in regard to the spectrum of care needed, ensuring that each stage of development and need is addressed.

New hope academy

New Hope Academy is dedicated to a unique educational experience, equipping children from all backgrounds to become a generation of leaders who will reflect our Creator and transform our culture. This vision is cultivated through the convergence of three commitments: the promise of excellent, classical education; the mission to the underprivileged; and the belief in connected, purposeful community.

Bethlehem house

Bethlehem House is the result of over 20 years of dedication to helping struggling residents of Faulkner Country. Today, Bethlehem House serves over 100 people per year in their journey out of homelessness by providing not just a temporary bed, but counseling, goal setting help, rides, healthcare, and meals. Bethlehem House also serves a nightly meal to non-residents in need of nourishment.