The Gateway School Bus Drive


Purchased in 2009, these two buses carry 250 students and teachers each day, six days a week, to and from school. Without these buses, many would not be able to get to school. These buses have lived past their usefulness and need to be replaced. To replace both buses, it will cost over $80,000.

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These buses have seen better days despite regular maintenance. The harsh driving conditions have taken a toll on these buses as many of the roads they travel on are unpaved With over 135,000 miles, the cost to repair and license the buses is too high and the local government will soon prohibit the school from using the buses due to their poor condition.


Due to the high demand for the school bus, children often sit four to a seat. On a typical day, there are over 50 children and adults crammed into each of the 30 seat school buses. Without these buses, many students would not be able to attend school as they live too far away - up to 10 miles away.