The Gateway School


The Awakening Foundation has partnered with The Gateway School to help provide the resources needed to educate and house some of the children that live in the poorest villages outside of Rahjamundry, India.



Founded in 2009 by local community leader, VSC Prasad and his wife, Sunnee, The Gateway School has educated over 2,000 children from the rural villages near Rahjamundry, India. There are currently 300 students attending school. Approximately 80% of these students are the first in their family to attend school and receive a formal education.

The school was created to help break the poverty and deprivation cycles through education; specifically, providing an education in English and Telugu (the local language), helping students access a higher education and a skilled workforce they normally would not have access to. The Gateway School students consistently score high in all state exams and government inspections. Although the school is approved and regulated by the Indian government, it does not receive government funding.


Children’s Home

In addition to the school, The Gateway School also has a children’s home on site that currently cares for 10 boys and 10 girls that attend the school. These children are cared for by Prahbaker and his wife, xxx, whom consider these children their own. In order to meet the growing demand for more students to live at the Children’s Home, the school is in the process of building another dorm. When completed, the home will be able to care for 15 girls and 15 boys in separate dorms.



Many students from the surrounding communities, walk or ride bicycles or mopeds for up to two hours a day to attend school. The Gateway School also has a school bus that despite being filled to capacity (standing-room only), it makes multiple trips a day to pick-up and drop-off students.

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The school does not want the lack of transportation to prevent a child from attending school. In order to meet the growing demand, the school is currently raising funds to purchase another school bus.